Fitness Classes

ParkerFitnessUK offers a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness classes that focus on YOU! I want my classes to give YOU that hour that YOU need no matter what your fitness goals may be.

Baby Active Classes

BABY ACTIVE classes focus on pre & post natal women and are specifically designed to help mums loose the baby weight once baby arrives, or stay active throughout your pregnancy.

Safe and effective exercises suitable for ANY fitness levels to get fit and feel good – BABY ACTIVE classes are designed by a mum for mums! All exercises can be modified to suit any pre-existing or pregnancy related conditions you may have.

For further details take a look on the BABY ACTIVE CLASS page.

Bit Active Class

BIT ACTIVE Classes are a combination of different types of fitness classes – a BIT of This a BIT of That!

This indoor class uses Circuits, HIIT & Bootcamp Styled exercises to give YOU an all over body workout, but in a small group setting. Using Kettlebells, Free Weights, Functional Training Equipment & Bodyweight Exercises; the class is designed to burn fat, build strength and increase stamina – but most of all be FUN!!! The small group makes it more personal – be a NAME not just a NUMBER!

For further details take a look on the BIT ACTIVE CLASS page.

Box Active

BOX ACTIVE CLASSES are a combination of Boxercise® and training used by boxers. Suitable for any fitness levels: Burn Fat – Get Fit – Hit Things!!!

This indoor class is a fun and enjoyable class for the whole family. It is a great stress busting activity to suit everyone who wants to enjoy boxing training without getting hit.

For further details take a look on the BOX ACTIVE CLASS page.